Deathrockstar is a music webzine based in Indonesia with a mission to introduce music–good or bad, it doesn’t matter–reflective of mission statements in the non-mainstream music scene. We are also about bringing about FUN to and from all over the world, but especially Indonesia. While our articles are now mostly written in the Indonesian language, we hope you won’t be put off from browsing anyway because we believe that music speaks for itself even if you don’t speak the language. We encourage you to contribute any comments you might have on articles for discussion/debate/networking/etc, and to meet more people who love the same music you do.

We also welcome messages from musicians who have released something you’d like us to review and feature on this website.

Deathrockstar was established in the summer of 2002. Our Godzilla logo was created during summer 2009 and we started the www.deathrockstar.club address in June 2014 with a new logo that you can download it here.

Logo Deathrockstar

For more information, giving a heads-up for the news ticker, participating as features writers, releases that you want reviewed, or just saying hello, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Eric Wirjanata Eric (at) deathrockstar (dot) info

Webmaster (For reports of bad links/bugs/technical problems) webmaster (at) deathrockstar (dot) info

Official Writer and Photographer

Deathrockstar was founded by
@_thunderpanda_ @marcelthee @koesuma

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