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“Subtractive” adalah pertunjukan musik kolektif yang menampilkan beberapa musisi dari latar belakang berbeda yaitu Deathless, Gardika Gigih + Tomy Herseta, Logic Lost, dan Tesla Manaf. Gelaran ini akan diadakan di Spasial, Bandung pada Senin 6 Agustus 2018.

Kelima performer ini cukup dikenal sering menampilkan permainan improvisasi live. Mereka akan memainkan set mereka dengan merespon bunyi, baik itu dari komposisi/lagu yang sudah ada, ataupun dari komposisi yang baru tercipta nanti di lokasi.

Pertunjukan nanti bakal hadir dengan tata panggung di tengah ruangan Spasial dengan posisi penonton mengitari para penampil, dan didukung oleh tata suara enam speaker output dan dua subwoofer.

Tiket pre-sale seharga 35 ribu rupiah bisa dibeli di Omuniuum. Bagi teman-teman di luar kota atau yang tidak bisa membeli langsung ke Omuniuum, silakan pesan tiket via whatsapp ke 087821836088 dengan format nama, no ktp/id, dan jumlah tiket. Pembayaran dilakukan melalui transfer dan tiket langsung ambil di venue.

Tersedia juga tiket on the spot yang bakal dijual seharga 50 ribu rupiah.



Deathless is a moniker used by it’s founder/only member Ramz (also known as Rembo), he’s an experimental guitarist, composer, producer and record label owner. Known also as guitarist of Vrosk (Indonesian Sludge/Doom pioneer) and Live Sound Engineer for some local and international bands.

Deathless start its project in 2005 and record it’s first drone/noise/experimental composition in 2009, First album titled “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis.” Recorded in 2010 And followed by second album “Litteraetantri” in 2011. Both released on a very limited cassettes via Sonic Funeral/DoomWood.

Heavy and Apocalyptic, Slow and Haunting. Deathless emphasizes the use of minimal chords progression and complex effects processes in its repetitive sounds, to create apocalyptic-tone-cluster builds into post-psychedelic composition.


Gardika Gigih and Tomy Herseta born from different musical backgrounds. Gigih is a pianist that also complete studies of musical compositions, he has also released “Nyala”, an album released by Sorge Records. Tomy, who has been experimenting with noise and electronic music, sharpened his music after the launch of ” Attemp ”, an EP released by Hema Records.

They both first met at Playhouse, Bandung on September 6th 2017. The meeting took place without much ado and eventually both started a live electronic improvisation and piano session.
The improvisation sessions resulted in a remarkable work, flowed by without any previous image of detail as to how Gigih’s Piano language meets with so many noise and electronic noise variables from Tomy’s workdesk. Their collaboration offers a dynamic mood that occasionally calming but also very intense.


Logic Lost is the moniker of Jakartan electronic experimental artist Dylan Amirio. Soundwise, Logic Lost’s electronica has been described as ambient, drone, big beat and even showed tinges of hip hop and RnB. Some of the influences include: Four Tet, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada, Tim Hecker, Jamie xx and Fennesz. Despite the influences, Logic Lost has no desire to become his inspirations and wants to pave his own path.

He just released a new album “Forgive Yourself” by Orang Cliff Records, that earn some good reviews. Live-wise, Logic Lost has played several live and DJ gigs between 2015 and 2018, but no major shows yet. Logic Lost prefers to play newer material as part of his evolution, as the amount of sounds and influences have spread wider with each passing day.

Logic Lost mainly plays around with ambient sounds and inputs them accordingly depending on what feeling he chooses to explore. The results can range from the tense and pressing to the loose and drifting, often in the same period, allowing the music to gradually embrace the audience.


Grew up with classical music, Tesla Manaf started his carrer as a jazz artist which lead him to a wide range of evolving music exploration. He has produced seven albums and performances in jazz, world music, neo-classical, electronic and experimental music. His vision is to narrate an immersive music scenario telling pure emotions.

He just released his new project called Flex, collaborate with Rio Abror. Starting his musical career in the Post-Bop and Modern Jazz genre, Rio Abror put his masterpiece on the drum skin. his debut album with Blue Ocean Project established himself to explore the percussive sound into a talking theme.

In this project, Drum standout as a pulse and heart beat also dance-able at the same time. A Mixture between wild imagination, Body Movement and foley makes Tesla’s compositions offer surprises to the audience and the artist as well. Lead by personal emotion, he pours his life experience in the area where he celebrates his unsettled mind.

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