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#throwback to 2007.
DRS Sampler December 2007
Hello welcome to DRS Sampler December 2007 a collection of tracks you can download at Deathrockstar, all of them available by permission from the bands/label/publishers. Hopefully we can make this sampler available every two months. You can read the articles about the band if you click the band name, but if you don’t really care about who are they, you can click the song’s name to download the songs.

A Place To Bury Strangersto fix the gash in your head

Working For A Nuclear Free CityKingdom

Nico VegaWooden Dolls



The NationalMurder Me Rachel

Talking With HandsDanj

Sleepwalk Circuswakewalking

A Stone ABurn the lung
e.p. Pre Promo Kistch

Bla Bla BlastRediscovering Atlantis


FernsDisaster Strikes Again

Adrian AdioetomoBlues Iblis

Zeke and the PopoHistory of Frequency

Whisper Desire Kita Akan Bertemu Disana

Inspirational JoniFrequency Tinggi (supermarjonibros remix)

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