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As music spirals outwards towards infinity in a bazillion divergent directions, interesting pit stops along the way provide amazing vantage points.

Of Montreal’s trajectory corkscrewed out from the imaginative, visionary Elephant 6 collective (responsible for Neutral Milk Hotel’s lo-fi classic In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, plus Apples In Stereo, Olivia Tremor Control, and heaps more). A bout of depression resulted in 2007’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, a pop masterpiece wherein Kevin Barnes added introspective vulnerability, nihilistic rage, and hilariously frank lyrics to his fantastical glam mythology.

This is how we arrive at a strange and awesome vantage point like False Priest. You might find the theatricality, ever-shifting genres, or Kevin’s falsetto off-putting (think Ariel Pink, a camp School House Rock, or Beck’s Midnite Vultures) but that would be a shame.

False Priest is fun, celebratory, and expertly crafted. As Kevin’s characters and musicality get weirder and wilder, his constant return to the everyday mundane brings up the hilarity of modern life. After the overly complicated Skeletal Lamping, False Priest is a return to form.

I was ready to adore this slut-shaming comedy in which Emma Stone fake-loses her virginity and gains a real-bad reputation stoked by fundamentalist Christian classmate Amanda Bynes. I had it pegged as ‘Smart Trash’, like Legally Blonde or Mean Girls. Instead, it’s ‘Smart Trash That Didn’t Study For The Exam And Severely Disappointed Its Favorite Teacher’.

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