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For mid 2011, The Howler Terror Club are incredibly honored and inspired to gone all through in collaboration with leading image-makers and high-profile illustrators, iconic talented young artists from Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

“INTERSTELLAR” inspired by culture and craftsmanship found in every edge of the city. The Howler Terror Club worked with a team of innovative artists to bring true vision to life, including illustrators Wedhar Riyadi, Marishka Soekarna, Emte, Sanchia T. Hamidjaja, Ykha Amelz, Morrg, Ardimadya, street artists Hahan, Arkiv, Koma (indo), Woof, photographer Agan Harahap and singer/songwriters Rekti and Sir Dandy created unique illustrations with different style and character. This multi-race approach resulted in images that are disparate of a mix of style, cultures, and talents. Excellent material use, innovation of ideas, as well as huge commitment on each and every artist’s practice. In total the selection of artwork will make an amazing show.

After photography series “Kill The Lights” and hit band project “Weapon of Choice”, now comes illustration series “Interstellar”. This project has timeless material colored by black and white strokes combining many forms and cultural references fabulous graphic illustration. The vast t-shirt designs should be easy to spot. Evoking a well-mannered unsettling piece of mind. With Interstellar project, THTC strive to offer a substantial wardrobe rather than just a seasonal collection. Look for each designer’s tag for their personal achievements. Collect them all!

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