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Here?s an interview with Idlewild, great indie rock band from the UK. Via email by Eric Wiryanata.

how do you introduce idlewild’s music for stranger that never heard of you?

I’d say take a mixture of loud guitars and add them to a pile of old novels – it’s there somewhere.

please tell us about the your music grow. from the first album to the last one.
It’s now about something and has better tunes.

please tell us five thing that influence your music.
Being outside looking deep into the nothing in front of me. That and
whiskey, records, films and books.

please tell us five great musician/band that you like.

The Smiths, AC DC, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, REM

what is idlewild’s lyrics interest?and why?
Why people lose understanding the older they get.

what is your opinion about piracy. and your comment about self reproducing for non comercial purpose.?
Musicians should be paid or there’ll be no more new music.

what will idlewild be in the future?
More records in more ways.

please tell us your favorite question and the answer.
Q: Why Poland? A: It’s always the man without his jacket on isn’t it.

what is you like. and what you hate?
I like peace and love. I hate violence, animals and sweet corn.

your line up please
Roddy, Rod, Colin, Gavin, Allan.

any chance idlewild have a tour in indonesia?
Hopefully one day yes.

your last message for the reader.
Be nice to one another and always judge books by their cover.


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  1. kunai says:

    keren bos.. bisa bsianya drs interview idlewild.

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