Liturgy – “Quetzalcoatl”


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Liturgy’s latest release The Ark Work was released last week on Thrill Jockey and has set the music world alight. Spin Magazine hailed in their 8/10 review of the album “Any listener who insists on evaluating Liturgy only on a scale from brutal-to-exuberant will be disappointed with this album’s refusal to yield to simplistic future-of-metal narratives…. The Ark Work is best at its most explorative rather than its most punishing. For a band previously hailed and reviled for its supposedly sacrilege approach, this is the real radical departure worthy of admiration.” The New York Times agrees, “The Ark Work,” Liturgy’s third album, should signify the point at which the band can be heard for what it is. It still uses some black-metal rhythm and guitar sound, but it’s hungry for other musical languages, devouring them and putting them to work, sometimes inorganically or academically: Gregorian chant, art rock, hip-hop, symphonic fanfares, and the mid-’90s electronic-music strategy of freezing and skidding beats.”

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