Two Questions with The Jungle Giants


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Band ini akan datang ke Jakarta dalam beberapa waktu lagi, dan untuk keperluan promosi maka mereka menjawab dua pertanyaan yang dikirimkan oleh DRS. Sementara kamu bisa mengetahui lebih banyak mengenai musik mereka lewat video-video yang di-embed di bawah, maka rasa haus saya pada musik berkualitas mendorong diri untuk menanyakan dua hal berikut:

Dijawab oleh Andrew Dooris: Bassist & backing vocalist Andrew Dooris brings the unbridled enthusiasm to every show of The Jungle Giants’, particularly well known for his stage diving prowess.

What would you suggest us to follow on the internet to find more about hidden gems of Australian indie music? (blog/podcast/webzine)

A friend of mine runs a neat webzine called Control, which reviews a lot of gigs and interviews a lot of awesome bands, many of which are Australian. They’re all super passionate about music and are really up-to-date are always at gigs.

Anything awesome from your town that yet to get much exposure?

There’s a few bands actually! One of my housemates is in a band called The Good Sports, which are a really solid Brisbane act – I really like their new track “Begin Again Again”. I’d also say to check out The Jensens, The Creases, Morning Harvey and Moses Gunn Collective – you won’t regret it.


She’s A Riot

Dan ini adalah lagu-lagu dari band-band rekomendasi mereka. and yes i won’t regret to listen to them. My personal favourite will be The Creases and Moses Gunn Collective.
The Good Sports

The Jensens

The Creases

Morning Harvey

Moses Gunn Collective

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