Fully booked w/ Sarasvati, Sir Dandy, Katjie Piering, Anto Arief, etc @ BS, Bandung


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Fully Booked
“Museum Of Ourselves”

7-8 Juli 2011
15.00-22.00 wib

Bumi Sangkuriang
Concordia Terrace
Jl. Kiputih no. 12

Museum Glossary, Fully Booked #00 Zine Cooking Demo with 15
Indonesian new emerging artists.
Photography Showcase : Muhammad Asranur,Andryz
Adisyahwarman,Happen Skate Magazine
Children Books Illustration : Ykha Amelz, Emte, Eorg, Lidia
Puspita, Ella Elviana
Book Launch : Maradilla Syachridar, Soeria Disastra, Else press,
Omuniuum, Tobucil, Red & White Publishing
Surfboard Shaping Demo : Lucas and Sons Surfboard
Goods & Tons of niceties!

Music & Tunes :
Sarasvati, Sir Dandy, Katjie Piering & Anto Arief
Egga, Hendra RNRM, Marah, Hazawude, Luks, Marine

Kontributor :
Else press, Omuniuum, Tobucil, Lucas and Sons, Unkl347, Develop,
Gusto, Happen Skate Magazine, Red & White Publishing

Supported by
Djarum Super

Organized by
A.C.E ( Aikon Creative Expert )


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