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Hellow. Kalian tahu siapa itu Acid House Kings? Hmmm kalau belum pernah mendengar musik mereka ada bagus nya mencoba band Indie Pop swedia ini yang juga memiliki label Labrador Records dan bagaimana kenyataan bahwa Johan suka mendengarkan Mocca.. yeah Mocca band local Indonesia itu,.. Now try to read these short interview with Joakim and Johan from Acid House Kings. By Eric Wiryanata July 2004

why “acid house kings”?
Because we didn?t want a standard-cute-name like many of the band in late 80.s, early 90: s. We thought Acid House Kings were much cooler than the Springfields for example.
Johan: Yes, everyone was called Summer-this or Poppy-that at that time and it was quite boring. I think the name is partly taken from the Biff! Bang! Pow! album “The Acid house album” or something like that.

you have such a poetic sense in all of your songs, how do you get all the inspiration to write words for your songs?
From other groups, books, films etc
Johan: From life.

you have finished your first 10 years plan. tell us about your next ten years plan… where would AHK be in the next ten years?
We working on a plan right now.
Johan:… and it’s not including world domination. It does include a new album before 2004 is over though.

i read that you put “sabbath bloody sabbath” as one of your fave albums. how Black Sabbath influencing you?
Joakim: I didn?t say that.
Johan: It’s was one of my five fave albums of a certain short period. It’s not like an all time favourite or something like that. I’ve discovered that rock music can actually be good lately. It’s influenced me a little when I write music. But not when I write for AHK cause the others don’t really like riffs.

tell us about you, why you choose to have a music career. ?
I don?t think Acid House Kings have a music career. We have never earned any money from it. All members have other careers besides the band.
Johan: I chose to work with music because it’s the most pleasureable thing I know. But as Joakim says, Acid House Kings is not a music career, I work with the Labrador label and other bands. Someday I hope I’ll find out something else to do, but for now this will have to do.

and what is the biggest inspiration to form “acid house kings”?
A major interested in music. If you are young and deeply interested in music I think it?s very easy to pick up a guitar and form a band.

why not do a major label deal? remembering that you have a big fan base, even in Indonesia that is far from your country?
Since we have our own label, Labrador we don?t aim for a major record deal. We are happy with Labrador.
Johan: I think it’d become too serious and take the enjoyment out of writing songs. Too much strain.

the best tips for a band that choose to have an indie career?
Write good songs and develop a unique sound. Or at least a sound which too common. Send your music to the labels you like yourself.

have you heard about Indonesian local indie pop scene? what about a tour to Indonesia?
I have never heard a band from Indonesia neither about the local indie pop scene.
Johan: I’ve just heard a few things. I really like Mocca.

tell us five words that would describe AHK
Melodic, happy, sad, self-assured, conscious please say a words to end this interview. and words for Indonesian Readers, words for your fanbase here..
Joakim: We think it?s amazing to have fans so far away from Sweden. Thank you for listening.

Thanks for Johan and Joakim for the nice interview. Best wishes to all of you.

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    band sangat bagus dan berwawasan.coba dengerin albumnya kalian pasti kalian suka.aku dapat album ini waktu di sweden 2005 lalu(heder-tulangan-sidoarjo)

  2. ELVA says:

    Band keren!! musiknya oke, liriknya simpel khas swedish pop.
    Download aja lagunya di labrador, ada dua mp3 : sunday morning sama this and that.

  3. natz says:

    one of my favourite bands. you should listen to this great band!

  4. Maurice says:

    kapan ya band ini datang ke Indonesia

  5. Serge says:

    I love Acid House Kings )

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