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Hey readers, you must have been familiar with the name FREE LIVING INSANITY, now is your chance to know them better? if you don?t know, now is your chance to know them? as written to Eric Wiryanata by David Kiefer himself

how do you introduce your music for a stranger that never even hear your band’s name?
what we do is rocking and furious punk with melody and ass kick.

why Free Living Insanity?

our bands name is just what we are and what mankind should not losse in this more or less high teck generation : free , don?t forget real life , what is more than work and school !!!and of course don?t forget to be always a bit insane.

tell me five things that most influence you in music?

– punk and hc lifestyle and attitude,
– bands we loved as kids and now nofx,social distorsion, dead kennedies,ramones,satanic surfers,die ?rtzte to name a few….
– we are interested and critical about politics in germany and worldwide, thats also part of our music in lyrics and aggression
-the friendship we have and the friends we found in the music and the scene as well as the freinds who are not involved with punk rock and still close friends.
-the shows we go to and the shows we play, that athmosphere at a good punk show is impressiv and strong.

How did you choose the other members of the band?
we all found each other in school or as friends, we hang out together, listen to music, change ideas , help with work or future plans, drink and trow up together and of course care about each other .

what kind of enviromental setting would be the best to enjoy your show?
i think the best shows are club shows were there is no big difference between the crowd and the band, because in the hc and punk scene should not be a difference between the guys on stage and the people in the crowd, they all have more or less the same ideas and feeling towards the show.

what kind of intoxicant would you suggest to the people at your party? any favorite mix?
as a german we prefer beer to everything else…but there are many different kinds of beer !!sometimes we drink vodka but thats the end…we are all not involved with drugs, everyone can choose his own way but for me i think drugs are more boring and also more dangerous than liquor.i?ve seen people getting stupid and ignorant idiots living in there own world and stoped caring about the scene and friends because of drugs.but its everyowns one choice …

what records you have been listening lately?

i listen to 80?s punk and hardcore a lot at the moment bands like D.I., agent oarnge, adolescens,adz,rick agnew,tsol,social distortion,descendens,minor threat, youth of today,7seconds,youth brigade,mdc… and i love rock?n?roll like turbonegro, backyrad babies,the bones , generators etc…

Indonesia have a bad reputation out there. and we all glad that FLI set a tour to Indonesia. what is your opinion about our country?
we are very happy to come over ,with the persons i phone and mail from indonesia i have very good experience, they are all very nice and care al ot. the main problem is , that the indonesian hc-punk culture is not very much know in europe, maybe we do a documentation video about the scene for germany and europe, that may help the bands , fanzines and labels to be more known and take foot in europe.

what is the first thing you want to do in Indonesia?
give a big hello to erick from no madness records, i hope to meet many people from the underground scene to change ideas and change music, and of course we want to do a little sightseeing at your country, we have some books and it looks beautiful.

please share a short tips about ‘tour accross the sea”
so far its also our first tour across the sea, but for some touring, you always have to have some people you can trust in every country. thats the most important thing, and some friends that share the van.

thanks man.
thanks too and i hoipe we meet and have some beer together …

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