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Jarang emang gue mulai sebuah interview dgn intro2 macem ini, gak penting lah, toh yg penting yg keluar dari mulut si pemusik. Tapi sekedar info, Liars adalah band dari Amerika, yang saat ini ada di barisan depan musik yang dgn tidak adil, bersama dengan Out Hud, the Rapture, !!!, dan dance Disaster Movement dilabel sebagai “Dance Punk”. Iyah, dance punk ini memang trend mid-2003 banget lho! Garage rock mah 2003 awal banget sih..apalagi huip mental, wahh itu mah jaman bahula, sekarang mah gayanya mustinya Gantungan Kunci sama dance punk, ini tuh pertengahan 2003 banget deh, kalo topi supir truk itu? wah itu mah 2003 awal, ketinggalan deh kamu….ya udah, Liars:band dengan sound gitar noise gila, beat elektronika, dan vokalis sinting, gak jelas? Beli aja CD-nya di Aksara atau internet, atau check

-Marcel Thee,
Mid 2003

Everyone hates this question. But how would you describe, in a nutshell, the kind of music Liars play?

Liars, along with other bands such as Out Hud, the Rapture, and !!!, have been tagged ?Dance Punk?. If anything, do you feel that there?s at least correctness in this ?tag?. Is there a certain combination of element of dance and punk in your music?
I don’t know what punk is anymore. We just try and make music we like. Sometimes we enjoy a good bass-line but sometimes we don’t want one at all….We are definatly not interested in “dance Punk” as a way of making music or as a way of indentifying ouselves in the broad spectrum of music.

There?s a major amount of guitar and sound experimentalism in your records, especially Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like. Were you influnced by noise experimentalist such as Massona and Merzbow?
Oh yes, and so many others…..Aaron likes to play his guitar in an attempt to revert back in time to when he didn’t have a know who a guitar was….

These experimental noises; does it come naturally and spontaneously to you guys or is it more of carefully planned out thing to ?enhance? the songs?

Often we start with a noise, a rare noise, and build from there. We try to let as much of the song rely on that noise as possible so as not to complicate the idea and distract it with regular sounds.

When a certain sound works great on a song. Do you tend to repeat the method on other songs or is it a >case of ?use just once and destroy?? Because each song on the records, especially They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top, seem to have a character of their own but relate to each other sound-wise.
Well generally, yes, one sound per song, then case closed…but the continuity you hear in certain sounds through Trench is actually a vocal pedal effect that really was a staple for our overall sound for a long time.

There?s definitely a head fuck element on most of the songs, going from almost a quiet-comforting noise to full-on-chaos. Do you guys enjoy fucking with the audiences head sound-wise because there?s such a sense of confrontation in your music?
Thats all just song-writing with an idea in mind….holding things back, waiting for the right time to give and take, its like drama but without the soap.

Where does Angus get the inspiration for the lyrics and song titles like ?Pillars Were Hollow and Filled With Candy, So We Knocked Them Down? or ?We Got Cold, Coughed, and Forgot Things? ? Is there anything specific you try to convey with it?
Just a starting point for thought. A place to begin to think a little differently…

The one-sentence song-titles and minimalist sleeve art, is almost a kind of trademark of Liars. How carefully do you shape the band?s image? Is it important according to you?

No, those things happen very unconciously till suddenly people notice and make it into a”thing”….We extend ourselves into not trying to shape a band image..,..we are who we are and thats how it comes across.

Which of your records do you suggest a new listener should start with, and why?

Interesting….hmm, maybe “Atheists Reconsider” split EP with Oneida would forwarn any innocent listener about whats to come.

What kind of Australian-ism has Angus brought to the band?

Weird words for stuff.

What?s next for Liars? Any chance you?ll have you records officially released in Indonesia, or even play a gig here?

I wanna wanna wanna, we will be in Japan/Australia in Oct …. our new full-length comes out Feb 2004 on Mute…its called: They Were Wrong So We Drowned

big cuddle’kiss

Thanks for the answers, we really-really appreciate it!!

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