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Marcel Thee, Editor in-chief DEATHROCKSTAR webzine, an interview with Derek Fudesco of Pretty Girls Make Graves.

The band is really made up of people who?ve previously been in other bands. You yourself were mostly known as the bass player from the Murder City Devils. How do you think all the members? previous experience influence the music of PGMG?
I guess because we all write the songs, we all bring a little bit of our own styles to it. I don?t think any of our previous bands influence us.

What are you approaching differently in PGMG than your previous bands?
Just the writing, non of us have ever been in a band were it was such a collective.

Good Health was, in our opinion, one of the best releases last year. Were you satisfied with the album? Or were there some ideas you couldn?t put on the album?
I think it is a great album, I do wish we could have had more time with it, I think it could have been ten times better.

How does the writing process in the band go? I?ve read that you guys go into huge arguments and discussions whenever you write new songs.
Yeah, we are getting better about it though.

Even though PGMG still sometimes gets tag as ?Emo?, a lot of reviews tend to really praise the emotional value of the music. Do you agree with this? Do you think there?s an extra emotional value that a lot of other bands just don?t have?
That word just paints an awful picture. But yeah, there is a lot of emotion that goes into what we do.

Musically, which bands would you say influenced you?
Me personally, Its changing all the time.. right now it’s Gary Numan, New
Order, Can, Souls of Mischief

Where did the name Pretty Girls Make Graves come from?
The Smiths

What records have you been playing lately?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wilco and New Order

Lyrically, what influences PGMG? Are there any specific books or movies or records you?d recommend?
Thats a question for Andrea

What do you think is the benefit from having a female vocalist?
Nothing, but theres a lot of benefits of having a great singer.

Do you enjoy playing live or recording more?
They are both kind of the same, The feeling you get when you finish a
song and can sit back and hear everything.. Is almost as great as playing a really awesome show.

Which one of your songs would be a good representation of the band?
All of them

Thanks a lot for your time!! Good luck always!!
Thank you..

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  1. dbajoe says:


    hebat yah pretty girls make grave…

    interviewnya pake bahasa inggris!!!

    orang kopo juga padahal mah kan??

    band metal yahh??


    ini teh band bukan??

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