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In recent music industry, music production has developed themselves throughout the years. We look at opportunities to become musicians but disregard the facts on how to maintain and survive through music business nowadays. As musicians continue to create and produce music based on what they are passionate about, the definition of idealism and mainstream comes to the surface.  How do we solve this issue? Knowing the fact that most of music production aligns between professionalism and idealism to sustain in their existence.

This upcoming “Meet The Producer: Music Edition” event that will be held on Friday, 23 May 2014 at La Biere Restaurant and Beer House, Central Park will reveal and discuss the issue in music industry. Our event will start from 15.30 – 22.00 WIB Find out through our workshop, discussion, and special project collaborations, as we will invite our audience to join us! Our speakers for this event are: JMONO (Neurotic), Randy Danistha, Hogi (Future 10), Fandy (DFMC) and our moderator by WENDY. We are also supported by music academies that existed in West and South of Jakarta such as SSR Audio Production and Engineer and also Double Deer. In the end of our event there will be performance by NEUROTIC the rising upcoming independent band. This event also supported by that facilitate musicians, visual artists, fashionista, and photographers to drop their artworks during our event and get a chance to exhibit their work in Paris this December!

The journey will be accompanied by great playlists and creative environment that allows the audience to express and get the privilege to extend more of information about music industry locally and globally.


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