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Noisewhore Live Vol.001 is the first gig ever by, a webzine that focuses on music and other cultural views. Designed to be intimate and exhibit 2 different atmosphere within 2 days, Noisewhore Live Vol.001 aims to be a space for everybody that gives a damn about the local music to gather and enjoy the simple things brought by the our selection of bands.
Noisewhore itself is, as stated before, a webzine that focuses around music and other cultural views. Started off as a tumblr blog out of a simple randomness by two dudes from high school 3 years ago and one thing led to another until now that we have decided to have a small gig to bring out our well curated music not only to the internet, but to a real life experience for the public to enjoy. The articles that noisewhore has produced over the years vary from interviews with both local and international bands, as well as a wide array of reviews from our contributors.
The event will be held on February 12 to February 13 with 8 bands performing in total. Noisewhore Live Vol.001 will be presenting a more intimate and laid back atmosphere to the gig, with Strange Fruit, Indigo More, Bedchamber, and Low Pink performing on stage at the upper floor of Reading Room Kemang. The next day of the event will be held at JK7 Bar, Swiss-Bel Hotel Kemang with bands like Kaveman, Sirati Dharma, Saturday Night Karaoke, and taRRkam. There will be an entrance fee for the crowd to watch the gig (10K) fully to pay the bands that is performing on that day.
What we are hoping from the media is to spread the word about Noisewhore Live Vol.001, so we also attached two versions of our posters (the square one for instagram and the normal sized one) So we’re hoping for a solid media sounding from you guys!
noisewhore live vol.001 - A3 #1

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