The 4th Music Gallery “Sense The Vibe”


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Music Gallery is an annual music event held by BSO Band FEUI to support and celebrate music by Indonesian artists. The Name Music Gallery is derived from ho this events aims to showcase Indonesian Music, not only through the peformance of the feautured musicians but also with a gallery concept that allows the audiences to further explore the richness of Indonesian music as well as the musicians and the committees. We would like to serve every single participant of this event the latent beauty of music.

Sense The Vibe is a theme that can describe the Music Gallery 4th overall, music, creativity, and independency. The 4th Gallery Music Gallery is a place for all music enthusiast components and provides freedom for all audiences to enjoy the music with their own way. The 4th Music Gallery invites the audiences and musicians to directly feel the musical sensation of every element from the whole event. Filled by the concept of distinctive apperance of each musicians, sound system, design, and decor that will be made as detailed as possible to build a typical atmospheric of music gallery. We are offering our audiences not only to feel the sensation of music audio but also to experience the visual art.

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