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The time has come for another edition of Beat & Reason. The line-ups will take you in a journey through music and hip-hop genre in Bandung. Boombap Version deliver the beat maker and MC Rap to elaborate rhythmic sounds (beats) and spoken rhymes (rap). Boombap is a sub-genre of hip-hop music characterized by a pounding bass-drum followed by a snare and hi-hat rhythmically and fat gritty drums breaks, layered with jazz, funk, and soul samples. The heavy use of samplers like MPC 2000 and SP-1200 in the late 80s-early 90s, also gave birth to another key feature of the genre: The headnod-inducing “swing”. Boombap became a signature of instrumental production in the 90s which later prominently known after KRS One released Return of Boombap.

Clubs and scenes has been too long dominated by commercial driven kind of sounds mistakenly recognized as so-called hiphop. This event will bring back some classic materials from the various acts by Bandung-based DJs and beatmakers. It will also feature a wide variety of boombap tune collaborated with spontaneous lyrics (freestyle) that can make Rap & Boombap really have a reason to be enjoyed.

DJ Evil Cuts from EyeFeelSix will cut the wax to layer the boombap tunes, as it’s in the 90s. For those who love mash-up, Ali Bomaye has prepared tons of instrumental and acapella. One of the most productive local beatmakers, Sickness MP, will as well play his latest production, marked with reverb samples under the spirit of Pete Rock. See how the boompap will still danceable with the disco boogie fill-in spinned by LEBOOB. The last but not least, IMPARTAIRIAL along with Anonymous Alliances, the respected hiphop collectives will seal the beats with freestyle rhymes.

Long story short this is the real return of the boompap. Let’s bring the 90s vibe!

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