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Mungkin ini adalah fusi paling unik dari band pop punk uwiw-uwiw dengan vokalis dangdut. Saya melihat kesuksesan besar jika mereka berhasil menembus sirkuit festival tujuh belasan dilapangan-lapangan RW. Setelah itu baru mencoba menembus televisi dan bergabung dengan band-band lain penyiksa telinga manusia berselera musik bagus.

Ivan Landle as a Guitar 1 and Backing Vocal
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Dara Nikaruna as a Vocalist & Guitar Rhythm
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FahleviAL as a Drummer
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Lollypop Monster, a band that was founded less than in December 2009 which originally consisted of four personnel. But because one thing, one of our personnel that as a bassist of Lollypop Monster has out from this band. Then after that Lollypop Monster has only a three-person personnel. namely, Ivan Landle (Mangap) as a Vocalist & Guitar Melody. Dara Nikaruna (Dara) as a Vocalist & Guitar Rhytem. Fahlevi Aldian Dihra (Cibel) as a Drummer.
we give nicknames to my friends who liked Lollypop Monster as LollyMon’s. and we love our LollyMon’s so much ‚ô•

“From one stage to another stage! To achieve our hope, together!”

Thank you ūüôā

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